Social Responsibilities Fulfilled

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."
- Winston Churchill

The linkage between an Organization’s Strategy and its Corporate Social Responsibility is quite noticeable.
Strategy implies choice. There exists many opportunities for an organization to not only generate multiple options but also the choice between different modes of action, in a manner to attain corporate objectives more effectively. The decision rests between defining a path of action that is governed by the need and desire for profits and social responsibility as well.
Corporate Social Responsibility becomes strategic when it fetches substantial economic benefits to the organization, in particular, supporting the core business activities and thereby contributing to the accomplishment of its mission in the optimal manner enriching the organization and the entire society as well.
WIBS believes that as a corporate it has a responsibility to engage with the society it operates in. This engagement goes beyond providing right products for their needs and being ethical and honest in our business practices.
Creating a Happier and Healthier Planet is WIBS’s Vision for a range of services intended to help individuals, families, societies & the country and the systems within in becoming much more efficient, intelligent, resilient and reliable.
These are based on what the company views as four imperatives:-

  • Turn information into insights.