Dissolving sugar in water at different temperatures


The experiment tests solubility of sugar at different temperatures of water.

Things Required
1. Sugar cubes
2• 2 glasses of some size
3. Hot and cold water
4. A spoon

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1. Fill one glass with cold water.
2. Add a sugar cube into the water and stir with the spoon until the sugar disappears.
3. Keep adding the sugar bubes it until the sugar stops dissolving in the water.
Remember to count the number of sugar cubes you put into the water.
4 At one point, sugar starts gathering at the bottom of the glass rather than Dissolving.
5. Now fill hot water in another glass. Make sure to keep the water level same as before.
6. Repeat steps 2 and 3 and dissolve sugar cubes in the hot water.
7. Remember to count the number of sugar cubes that dissolved in the hot water


When you dissolve sugar in water, it becomes a 'solution'. This solution becomes
Saturated' when the sugar cubes can no longer dissolve in the water and sugar
starts accumulating at the bottom of the glass.
You will observe that cold water is not able to dissolve as much sugar as hot water.
This is because hot water has faster moving molecules which are spread further
A part than the molecules in cold water. The sugar molecules fit in between the
A bigger gap in hot water molecules and therefore, it requires more of sugar cubes to fill in the gaps.