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 Thought of the Day

Word of the day:
MEANING- Insult ; Offense
Key/pms: A Lac (RUPEE)
How to learn:
He accepted her offer with alacrity


Your tallest, beefiest, most macho male friend won't able to lift up a chair that the daintiest, tiniest female can with no problem. Impossible? Ty this: Have your dainty female friend- Suzi -face he wall a take four steps backwards, each step about the length of her shoe. Put a chair in front of her, but not touching the wall. Now ask her to lean over the chair, place her forehead against The wall, and lift the chair. She'll do it, with no difficulty. Now ask your macho friend Rex- to do the same thing. To his horror, he won't be able to budge it! The secret? Those steps backwards that Suzi and Rex took put them in different places. Suzi's feet are smaller in relation to her height than Rex's are. Besides that, she's probably wearing.sleeker, less bulky shoes. As a result, she's closer to the chair than Rex, and in a good position to pick it up. Rex, however, is far enough away from the chair to be slightly off balance when he leans over it. And, in that position, he can't do the task. Note: Pushing the chair against the wall is not allowed.